me n ewan :)))
pali n mira
bel n baim
qila n yasir

trip to pd was great! :))


sayalah puncanya

i'm owning quite a good life currently.
after everything bad happened to me on July.
ok, ok i know it's still July. but at least i never thought i'll be fine during July. -.-''
n i did :)) sounds good? it's great! :D
touched to four him and four her for their away endorsement. aww!
hee :p

p/s : ily bby. <333333



i only got RM10 in my wallet and it's gone. that's my last piece of penny.
and that fucking-stupid-wicked burglar give RM1 back, putting nicely in my thin empty wallet.
sangat kejam. law aku jmpe ko,aku nak kencing atas muke ko. -..................-''

oh my

do read my second blog pls.
i do posting there. it's quite irritates me to manage two blogs. sangat, okay!
and i love it thou. it's getting more and more confusing.
since, July is my bad-damn-fucking suwey, it's not really squeeze me :))
wondering how i keep on living on July. i wish i'm alive until the end of July.
oh my! oh my! approve it. don't reject my wish. my only wish.
well, i'm having a little light chats in boys next door's house.
accurately, in a room :P nothing's great happen. *sigh
haha just a jeering sesssion -.-''
hell yeah, im a phantom with a clay on my face. :))))))))