Is this the end?

I almost forgot my feelings towards this relationship.
I feel like I'm not more than just a stranger in my own relationship.
I never forget what I said to you.
How I felt in our getaway and dates. 
But apparently, I forgot how was those feelings. 
I am no longer feeling it anymore.

You called me unemotional person.
It's only because you never try to see it through.
You told me I can talk to you about everything.
The fact is I can't because you never and won't listen.

Who talks to someone who don't listened?
Nobody will. 
You hate it when I talk.
You hate it when I keep silence and just listen.
You hate it when I smile.
You hate it when i gave you those long text messages.
You hate it when i give you one line text. 

You really hate my guts, don't you?

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