Too good to be true.

People say falling in love is easy. But not for me. I found it hard. People once said, staying in love is the most difficult part. Wrong for me thou i find it easier than tolerating of being real and pleasing people.

The hardest thing i've been through is being honest actually not the kind of attitude people want to see and face. They prefer me to be polite and have a nice tongue. But me, I want people to be honest and transparent with me. You don't like me? Say it out aloud, I won't mind. I don't need people to lie to me for the sake of pleasing me. I am a wise and grown up woman. I can take criticisms as built comments.

How I could improve myself if people keep lying to me? I won't. I will stay being ridiculous, nonsense and I might not face any rejection nor objection. I learn it my own way. I get through everything all by myself. I think I shouldn't take what people say as a serious matter. If you want me to say something nice which is untrue, I am sorry. I can't. If you thing the truths are hurtful and you can't handle it, ask me nothing.

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