go and fuck yourself in hell, buddy :))

says shit about me, i'll smile.
says shit about whom i loved, i'll cut your breath.

hurt me, i'll laugh.
hurt whom i loved, u'll cry for the rest of your life.

touch me, i'll be your momma's pet.
touch whom i loved, your momma will gone.

i won't say shit about u, hurt u, even touch u.
it's not worth it.
but, i'll show u and i'll do it to whom u loved the most.
i love it when the outcomes is double.
the triumphs is just too great, then i'll stop.
enough is enough.

don't ask me what is my step.
because i'll just tell this front of your fucking ugly face
"i take what u give, i'll give what it takes too"
"don't play play ah" - phua chu kang

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